Risk Management in Offset

When looking at risk management, many offset countries demand bank guarantees as liquidated damages for the late delivery of offset. Added to which, additional costs and programme overrun can start to erode the bottom line profit if not properly managed.

Managing risk associated with offset is a key service we provide for our clients to ensure your experience of offset is successful and profitable.

In some cases, offset requires companies to introduce subtle changes to their normal operational framework. This might be due to the introduction of new supply chain companies, technology cooperation projects, investments or risks arising out of a complex offset approval procedure. In all cases, we have the experience to assist our clients in mitigating these risks. The services we provide are as follows;

• Effective planning and Governance.
• Detailed assessment of financial, performance & programme risk.
• Advice on how to manage technological risk (including compliance to quality standards.)
• Professional management and reporting through the life of the offset programme.

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