Plan for Offset

Producing a well developed plan for offset will demonstrate to your customer that you are committed to making the offset programme a success (thus increasing your organisation’s competitiveness) and will significantly remove risk and improve profitability.

In situations where your organisation is preparing a tender or if you already have a contract that has a requirement for offset, we can assist you in the development of offset plans to achieve the maximum value for your organisation.

However, it is often the case that our clients are faced with an offset requirement as part of a ‘quick turnaround’ competitive tender and need to act fast.

Our services include;

• Professional Capture Planning
• To clarify and simplify the offset requirements (often laid down on national regulations).
• To investigate potential offset transactions and local suppliers / business partners.
• Carry out a full risk assessment and cost analysis.
• Establish the ‘cost to credit ratio’ i.e. the return in offset value compared with the cost.
• Prepare a fully detailed offset plan (this can be used for delivery to the customer and as basis for governance.)
• Give guidance on how the management of offset can be integrated into your organisation.
• Reporting and Governance procedures (internally and externally.)