Increasingly, Non-Defence Companies are investigating the potential for new business opportunities through working with defence companies under offset.

Offset is a highly legitimate and valuable business development tool for many Non-Defence Companies. For the past five years, we have successfully assisted UK Non-Defence Companies in a range of markets in Europe, the Middle East and Far East to secure new business and investment.

Our services are designed to create huge shortcuts for our non-defence clients, saving them significant time and money that they would most likely incur if they attempted the offset process alone. Our services to Non-Defence Companies include:

Market evaluation
Identifying investment opportunities
Facilitating agreement with Defence companies
On-going retention and advice

In summary, if you are a non-defence organisation and are interested in how offset can be of value to your business, then please contact us for a confidential evaluation.

There are normally a lot of frequently asked questions when it comes to Non-Defence, so please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries or questions you may have on our contact us page. Please see link below:

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