Offset Obligors

Over 60 countries now require industrial participation, otherwise referred to as “offset” programs, as a condition to a contract award.  Your company’s offsets proposal may be the deciding factor in securing a contract WIN.

O2K’s services are designed to assist your organisation with all aspects of managing offset programs, from initial planning & strategy to project implementation, thereby reducing risk and increasing the probability of winning new business.

Our products and our services are essential to any company facing an offset requirement, and include:

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Market intelligence, country information
  • Preparation of bids and tenders
  • Support during negotiations
  • Training
  • Risk Management
  • Identification of compliant offset transactions
  • Development of Concept Papers and Business plans
  • Liaison with stakeholders
  • Identification of 3rd party investment and facilitation
  • Supply Chain Strategy
  • Business Licensing, Registration and Start-up.

In summary, what you can gain from working with O2K Ltd is comprehensive support in all aspects of offset management to suit your specific requirements.