“I had the pleasure of working with Roger in many occasions, especially on the subject of Defense Offsets, one of the various areas of his expertise. In fact, his knowledge about international offset policies and strategies are simply amazing!”

Diógenes Lima Neto – MSc, MPA, MBA, Student at Brazilian Air Force Command and General Staff School

“I’ve worked with Roger on numerous occasions and his expertise and professional knowledge has always delivered and supported a mutual winning strategy for both our companies.”

Mauro Gagliano Candela, Area Manager & Market Development at Iveco

“Roger has considerable expertise in offset management and the issues of international trade. He provided detailed advice on a wide variety of offset opportunities and successful implementations.”

Dr. David Price, Non-Executive Director at AZ Electronic Materials

“I have engaged Roger to contribute towards the Offsets module teaching. Roger had great feedback from the students for his knowledge of the subject and for an excellent delivery.”

Dr. Kogila Balakrishnan, Principal Fellow at Warwick Manufacturing Group

“I have known and worked with Roger for a number of years in several positions and different companies. When it comes to the whole complex area of offset allied to commercial issues Roger is quite simply the ‘go to’ person.

He makes these difficult and complex subjects simple enough for all to understand, embrace and take on board. His approach to gaining trust with the offset partners and credits for his client companies is always based on integrity but involves the innovative but practical approach.

He is trusted and respected by the offset administrators who value his independent thought, experience and knowledge. This makes life easier for all concerned. He simplifies the whole process and works on the basic principle of an offset deal has to be a good business deal. As a result it wins money for all concerned.”

Tim Otter, Chief Executive, Lutra Associates Ltd

“Roger is one of the most knowledgeable and creative offset professionals in the business. He is approachable and considerate of new ideas, and openly shares his vast experience and insight.”

Beth Stewart Principal & CEO, United Catalyst, LLC