Case Studies

Please see below a selection of countries, which Offsets 2000 have worked with.

Beneficiary Country Description of Service
Kuwait Carried out an assessment of various investment based options in Kuwait to support the sale of energetic materials. Supported the preparation of the Business Plan and assisted through to offset implementation and delivery.
UAE Carried out an assessment / due diligence of a number of legacy equity interests to support the sale of aircraft systems. Assisted our client in constructing a new investment portfolio under the offset program.
Egypt Enabled our client to set up a framework for Barter Trade to support the sale of air traffic control systems to the Egyptian Airforce.
Norway Undertook the entire outsourced offset responsibility on behalf of our client to support the sale of deployable surgical units for the NDLO. Took the lead role in managing the delivery of the offset obligation to Norway, mostly through Technology Cooperation projects.
Denmark Assisted the client in leveraging his global supply chain to discharge his offset obligation related to the supply of decoy equipment.
Lithuania Managed the delivery of an integration hub to support the sale of armoured vehicles.
Croatia Established a local manufacturing plant for the assembly and test of military respirators.
Rep of Korea Delivered a technology cooperation programme to support the delivery of submarine rescue systems.
General Management Created a corporate governance framework for the management of offset across global operations in the US and Europe.
Training Carried out the complete in-house offset training for our client over a 6 month period.