Offsets 2000 – UK-based Offsets Consultants

Providing Global Excellence in the Management of Offset Programmes

If your company is bidding for a defence contract with offset requirements, or if you have an existing offset obligation, we are offsets consultants with experts on hand to provide the assistance you require.

Our services are designed to manage all forms of offset including; Industrial Participation (IP) Industrial Cooperation (IC) Industrial Engagement and all forms of defence counter trade.

Offsets 2000 was established to provide our clients with experienced and capable support in all aspects of defence related offset. Our services in offset cover all stages of the Project Lifecycle; from planning your offset strategy to preparing compliant tenders and managing offset programmes to successful completion.

Risk Management is a key aspect of our work. We ensure your offset proposals and contracts are delivered to budget and on time. We also work closely with our clients as offsets consultants, to develop sound Governance, making sure that offset is managed as an integral part of your organisation and management procedures.


Through our partnerships with ADS and the University of Warwick, we have developed a range of Offset Training modules to suit all your requirements. Whether you are a newcomer to offset and need a fast track introduction to the subject, or if you are an experienced practitioner and need to sharpen your skills, our Offset Training modules will provide you with the essential skills to make a success of offset.

We provide services to governments and national offset agencies to assist in the development of offsets policy and to carry out reviews of existing policies. Offsets 2000 work closely with our government clients to ensure that their offset policies achieve the national strategy and economic goals.

The aim of our offset services is to help your organisation win and deliver successful business.

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